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Updated: Jun 29, 2018

Welcome to the very first blog of Giovanna Maria Photography!! You made it! I made it! WHOOP!

For so long I have debated if I even want to do a blog. I felt like nobody would want to read it or that I wouldn't have good enough content to post. But today, I am taking the plunge! And I hope you all will continue to check out these posts and see some of my work that I have going on!

Now, all about the girl behind the camera.

My name is Giovanna Hanson. The Maria from the photography name comes from my mama and my middle name! I have had a variety of different photography business names, but this one just sits the best with me.

I am a college student at Bethel University. I have a major, but you know. I will probably end up changing it again because #college.

I have a puppy named Bear. He is the love of my life. Here is a picture that I took of him wrapped in my newborn cloth the first day I got him. He is my bff. Fun fact: This little man can alert me when I have a migraine coming on THREE HOURS before I can even tell. He's the bomb.

I love burritos, pad thai, fried chicken, and cake. Give me those on an island and I am the happiest girl in the world. Oh and don't forget the Mexican Coke. (If you haven't had it, GET IT.)

My business started actually back in 2013! I have been telling people for years it was 2014 and I was wrong. Whoops. I had a friend that asked me to take pictures of her for her social media and then everyone wanted pictures for their social media. And here we are!!

This year I have jumped straight into wedding photography and it is my JAM. I love it so much. My most recent wedding I was taking shots of the bride and I was giggling and saying, "Holy crap I love this!!" That sums up my love for wedding photography.

Now I shall give you 10 fun facts about me to wrap this post up.

10. I have visited every state in the US.

9. Every state except Alaska and Hawaii were in an RV.

8. I share a birthday with my sister BUT we are 5 years apart.

7. I am a night owl to the max. My clients are used to getting emails past 12 am. Whoops.

6. I hate the color yellow. Something about it is just weird to me.

5. I once swam with dolphins.

4. I caught a halibut one time!

3. I love steak more than most people.

2. I graduated from High School online and the day my diploma got to the house, I answered the doorbell while in a towel and opened my diploma in a towel. #party

1. When I get married, my ring bearers will wear Bear suits.

Thanks for visiting and supporting my business!!

XOXO Giovanna


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