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Brandon & Megan // Proposal

This is by far one of my absolute favorite shoots to date. I have been best friends with Megan for a few years so I was all for hiding in the bushes to capture this moment! Brandon & I texted back & forth about the date & the details on the proposal. We didn't want Megan to suspect anything so I was given the name Brian in his phone.

Guys! Pro Tip! If you hire a photographer for a proposal, share your location with them & have their name different in their phone & have a code phrase for anything!

The day of the proposal, I got to the beach and set up camp behind a bush. Brandon texted me and said "the game" was ready which meant they were on their way over. The two of them had a picnic on the beach and cuddled up.

A couple minutes later... Brandon was on one knee asking Megan to marry him. And as she says, it was the best yes!!!


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